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PhD Defense

PhD DefenseWith this website I aim to keep an overview of my profession and passion. The website focuses on me as a researcher, as a trainer, and on the other things which are important to me.

I am a passionate postdoctoral researcher, where I investigate the interplay between adolescents' personality and their social surroundings.  Next to supervising a Research Master thesis (and several MA and BA theses), I teach several couses (such as methods and statistics). For more information see the tab "research". 

Once in a while I perform trainings for the Pestalozzi Programme  of the Council of Europe. They provide me with opportunities to develop myself as a facilitator/trainer. Information on these (and other) trainings, can be found under the tab “training”. the department of Interdisciplinary Social Science, I worked on my PhD titled the Social Network Analysis of Risk behavior in Early adolescence (SNARE) study. March 2016 I aim to defend my PhD. Under the tab “research” you may find more information. Recently, I have kept a blog about my Fulbright experiences.

With the “personal information” I hope to provide some insight in how I got where I am now, some explain some extra curricular activities,  talk about my experiences of places I've worked or studied, and provide some other insights into what motivates me.

Please feel free to contact me, a contact form can be found at the bottom of this page.

Hope the website is useful to you! Feedback is always welcome.



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